O2 – Top Hat

  • Director
  • Si & Ad
  • Creative Agency
  • O2
  • Production Company
  • VCCP

On this advert I did the scenes with the balloons and the fireworks.

For the balloons I looked at many different behaviours and looks for directors Si & Ad, from Minecraft blocks, to square balloons with a more Tetris-like motion, finally settling on a more traditional balloon. For this I used a low res buoyant proxy for each balloon with a weight constrained to the base to get a convincing behaviour of the offset centre of mass. I did this in Houdini then took it into Maya and rendered with Arnold.

For the fireworks there was a fair amount of trialling different speeds which affected the feeling of scale. I kept everything in Houdini and rendered with HtoA this time around. HtoA was fairly new part of our pipeline but I was keen to get it implemented as we still lacked a robust way of getting particles from Houdini to Maya (our previous method being using the Realflow plugin and renaming attributes to liquid based properties, not ideal).


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